Get out of the city, return to the trees!

Get an amazing workout designed by Hong Kong’s leading outdoor fitness trainer, Linds Russell

About ApeFit!

Hello! Welcome to ApeFit, Hong Kong’s primal fitness group in the great outdoors. You will get an extraordinary work-out with us – physically and mentally – while having fun with friends and connecting to the surrounding elements. Designed by Hong Kong’s leading outdoor fitness trainer, Linds Russell, the ApeFit method is rooted in simple and natural movements that target the entire body. Linds works closely with her colleagues to ensure each work-out is motivating and suitable for anyone who is up for the challenge.

Why ApeFit?

Train like an animal! Why? We are animals! Animals train for survival in the wild. They are strong, powerful, graceful, agile, balanced, co-ordinated, flexible and conditioned! It is fun and adds variety, more like play! ApeFit exercises are intense and functional – so effective, you will see results faster than with traditional human training. We offer ApeFit and ApeRun sessions.

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ApeFit - Return to the trees