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About ApeFit!

Hello! Welcome to ApeFit, Hong Kong’s primal fitness group in the great outdoors. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, build strength or get back into shape – ApeFit is for you! You will get an extraordinary work-out with us – physically and mentally – while having fun with friends and connecting to the surrounding elements. Designed by Hong Kong’s leading outdoor fitness trainer, Linds Russell, the ApeFit method is rooted in simple and natural movements that target the entire body. Linds works closely with her colleagues to ensure each work-out is motivating and suitable for anyone who is up for the challenge.

Why ApeFit?

Train like an animal! Why? We are animals! Animals train for survival in the wild. They are strong, powerful, graceful, agile, balanced, co-ordinated, flexible and conditioned! It is fun and adds variety, more like play! ApeFit exercises are intense and functional – so effective, you will see results faster than with traditional human training.  We offer regular open group sessions at various locations (see ApeSchedule) and private and 1-2-1 sessions and a time and location of your choice.

Client Feedback

Below you can find some great feedback which we get from our clients.

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“You are worth every cent! I loved our session today! Had to work a bit till late, but I think the session boosted my productivity!!”
(Sammi Jayawardane January 2015)

“In an effort to make the team more competitive this season, we enlisted ApeFit for some land based training to supplement our usual paddle training. The sessions have been painful and challenging, but fun as well. Some of the exercises have induced a real competitive element among the group while others, notably the bear crawl, will have you laughing at yourself and everyone else.  I have seen a real benefit for the crew members and that has translated to an increase in our boat performance. I highly recommend people to get out there and give this a try.” (Chris Davis, UBS Dragon Boat Team November 2014)

“We had the pleasure of Linds and Apefit running SeaGods 12 week strength and conditioning programme. We had a very successful season and can wholeheartedly endorse Linds’ training and motivational methods. It’s also certainly a big advantage being trained by a paddler!” (Bruce Anderson, Paddler, Seagods Dragon Boat Team November 2014)

“Linda took control of training for our dragon boat team at the beginning of the season in 2013. She was a fantastic motivator for the guys on the boat and her training knowledge was vast. She really helped to encourage the newcomers and push the veterans to their full potential. Her awesome personality and attention to detail concerning paddle techniques for individual styles contributed enormously to our successes and team spirit.” (Ismail Sui, Captain, Aguaholics Dragon Boat Team November 2014)

“I engaged ApeFit when I was coaching one of HK’s premier dragon boat teams for pre-season land training. Linds and the team did a great job in creating engaging, challenging and varied sessions focussing on the core muscles use for paddling. Every session was different and we saw great results from those that attended.” (Scott Dale, Dragon Boat Coach, SMUGZ Dragon Boat Team November 2014)

“I’ve known Linds for over seven years. She’s always had a passion for sport both alone and in teams. ApeFit has given her a way to pass on her excitement and enthusiasm to us all. Linds, and the ApeFit crew, are known to provide some of the toughest workouts available in Hong Kong. But don’t let that scare you. Or rather, DO let it scare you, as you should do things that scare you once in a while! Linds will push you to your limit, drive you hard and not let you quit. You’ll curse her in the sessions, you’ll wish you were somewhere else. But you’ll realise it’s actually great fun and being pushed hard is a great thing. Ultimately if you work as hard as you can, under Linds’ guidance, you’ll get the results and thank her. Yes, thank her for stair climbs, and bear crawls and umpteen other physical impossibilities!” (Tim Pottle November 2014)

“I really enjoyed my first class, and I would like to sign up for a package. The circuit/programs and sets were a great mashup of different exercises and I love the mix of cardio and core training. The pace was perfect for me, I felt challenged but not intimidated. Linda [the trainer] has a great, positive energy which really motivated me last night ;P” (Katherine Leung June 2014)

“I so enjoyed the class – you are the most INCREDIBLE teacher I think I’ve ever had. so much happiness, so much phenomenal energy… and that class was hard work!”
(Rachel Jacqueline 31/08/2013)

“Thank you very much, Linds.) I do believe we all enjoyed it, right girls? Very tough, indeed. One of the hardest workouts we have done.”
(Rowena Berroya 10/05/2013)

“Thanks for the class, my body ached for 3 days after… I think your classes are great, enjoyable and fun.”
(Pannee Ng 13/05/2013)

“Yes I really enjoyed it thank you! Actually, I had SUCH awful all-over muscle ache afterwards I nearly couldn’t move for two days!”
(Victoria Brownell 20/06/2013)

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